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HAIRY MAN CARE'S special wooden beard and hair comb is a two in one!

It comes with wide and narrow teeth that easily glides through beard hairs without snagging or breaking them. 


-Wide and narrow teeth - Our wooden combs have wide and narrow teeth, polished teeth that glide through the hair a lot more easily and without snags and breakage.

-Gentle Massage - Wood is soft and will gently massage the skin on your face, stimulating the hair follicles and increasing blood flow to the area. Therefore, stimulating hair growth. Metal and plastic combs can be harsh on the skin causing irritation.

-Oil and balm redistribution - Wood soaks up the natural oils on your face and beard hair as well as the beard oil and balm, redistributing it from root to tip. All while conditioning the comb as well, which protects the wood while giving it a nice color.

-Durable - A handcrafted wooden comb is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if well taken care of.

-No Static - Wood does not create the static electricity that plastic combs do, which can cause the hair to snap and break, not to mention frizz up.


Comb down your cheeks following the grain of your beard. Apply light pressure to the comb so the teeth can get between the hairs and touch your face. Slowly pull the comb down the sides of your cheeks so you’re combing your beard in the direction you want the beard to grow.

Work in short strokes, coming down from your cheek and continuing along your jawline

DO NOT comb your beard when it’s wet as you may tear out some of your facial hair.