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HAIRY MAN REFRESHING TAMARIND SCRUB is suitable for all skin types. This skin polisher combines all-natural ingredients that boost skin hydration, provides deep cleansing of the skin, unclog pores, reduce dark circle around eyes and promote cell turnover for a radiant complexion.

INGREDIENTS |  Tamarind, Goat Milk, Fresh Milk, Bee Honey, Venivel, Garcinia Indica, White Sandalwood, Cedros Diyadara, Penaga Laut Tree Bark


- Exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells

- Unclogs the pores

- Reduces age related spots and blemishes

- Lightens skin tone

- Helps reduce acne



You can use tamarind scrub to remove impurities and deep-seated dirt from your skin as it is rich in AFA (alpha hydroxyl acids).

- Wet your face with warm water. Take a small amount of the scrub onto the fingers. The amount of scrub you use should be approximately the size of a nickel. 

-Apply the product to your face, forehead (and under your chin) using gentle circular motions. Don’t pull and push the skin. As you apply the scrub, be careful to avoid getting any of the product in your eyes.

-After you have rubbed the scrub into your skin and cleansed your face thoroughly, rinse your face with warm water. This water should be similar in temperature to the water you used when you wet your face before applying the scrub.