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Introducing Hairy Man Care's Beard Mask - best beard mask in Australia.

We live in testing times my bearded brethren. With the recent mask mandates and ongoing COVID-19, wearing a face mask is most likely going to be part of our lives indefinitely.

As we all have experienced, the conventional masks are simply not made for the bearded men, hence why Hairy Man Care's beard mask comes with 3 layers of protection and in 2 sizes to fit every beard. Hairy Man Care's Beard Mask will keep your beard in shape (no more chin deep beards) and feeling good while keeping you safe from all airborne contaminants.

Each Beard Mask pack includes
1x Beard Mask 

1x PM2.5 Filter Insert

Long- Width 25cm/9.8inch x Length 22cm/8.7inch 
 Width 23cm/9inch x Length 16cm/6.3inch 

A disposable PM2.5 filter is included with all Beard Masks. Ideal to protect your mouth and face.

Made with cotton lining the beard mask wont leave your beard creased and dented.

The Beard Masks are reusable, we recommend hand washing to ensure the longevity of your mask.