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Unlike the majority of beard brushes on the market, that contain animal based bristles, our new beard brush is made of wood and synthetic bristles. 

We are proud of our innovative beard brush, animal and cruelty free!

This brush is the best alternative for the needs of Vegans and Muslims (Halal friendly) and all those who wish to avoid boar or other animal bristles.



Put 2–3 drops of beard oil on the brush bristles OR you can rub the beard balm on the beard. Beard oil/balms moisturizes and strengthens your facial hair so it stays soft and grows healthily. Hold your brush so the bristles are face up so you can apply the beard oil.

Evenly distribute 2–3 drops of beard oil over the bristles. Once you start using the brush, the oil will continue spreading out so it applies evenly to your beard

Brush down your cheeks following the grain of your beard. Apply light pressure to the beard so the bristles can get between the hairs and touch your face. Slowly pull the brush down the sides of your cheeks so you’re brushing your beard in the direction you want the beard to grow.

Work in short strokes, coming down from your cheek and continuing along your jawline

DO NOT brush your beard when it’s wet as you may tear out some of your facial hair.

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