About Us

Welcome to Hairy Man Care.
My name is Althaf, Founder and Owner of Hairy Man Care.
Let's go back to when I was 18, the year I started to notice facial hair growth. I had no issues of growing a thick moustache but the beard, now this was a challenge. It was a challenge because my beard didn't grow well at all, it was patchy, thin and dry!

My first plan was to shave it all off, but I didn't want to lose what I had already achieved so far. Therefore I decided to keep it as it is with a plan in mind, I started to apply king coconut oil. After daily use of this amazing natural carrier  oil, I genuinely started to notice more weight on the beard a.k.a thickness, shine and a healthier growth.

  Since then, I went on the hunt of finding beard products formulated only using natural ingredients. The slight beard growth on my face, this got me really excited. Few years passed and my beard kept growing....and growing to the point I had to trim it every few weeks to keep it tamed.

Now let me take you to June 2019, the birth year of Hairy Man Care!

My wife Aishah and I were having a chat sitting in our living room couch about the cosmetic industry. At that time, I was still using a mix of coconut oil and olive oil for my beard. For my hair, I was using a popular product made out of chemicals (yes I know its bad) and the reason we were having the conversation was because I started to notice hair loss due to the product I was using for my hair. The conversation went on for hours and then an idea popped to my head!!! I told my wife that I should formulate and create some natural product for my hair which also can be used for the beard. But before anything we had to come up with a name, so she was like "you're a hairy man now, what about Hairy Man Care?" LOL.. I thought it was a brilliant idea, so we went with it. (it was also very catchy)

It took a few weeks and we finally managed to formulate our beard balms and hair wax. I personally used the products for my hair and beard and LOVED IT! It smells great, moisturises the hair and beard very well and every ingredient we used on our products has their own benefit to the hair, beard and scalp. Few weeks of using the product on my hair actually helped reduce the hair loss and I honestly noticed thicker and darker hair growth. So I thought to myself, I am ready to go live with the brand BUT I wasn't satisfied! I kept thinking about the cosmetic industry and how many brands are out their for women but next to nothing targeting for us men. Yes we do have many hair and beard products and most made out of harmful chemicals but nothing made out of organic and natural ingredients. This is when I decided to go back to my roots, Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is a land of Ayurveda medication and many people still use this traditional herbal medication for skin, hair and body conditions. I went on the journey to finding the right person to take on board with Hairy Man Care, a Dr. of Ayurveda medication. With his knowledge and my formulas, we finally managed to formulate not only hair and beard balms and waxes, but also skin care products. We tested the products on ourselves and noticed amazing results, this is when we decided to go live with Hairy Man Care and I must say, I WAS FINALLY SATISFIED!

  Since then, we have been investing our time and efforts into handcrafting natural and organic men’s skin, beard and hair care products since 2019.

Our MISSION is to provide solution for beard, skin and hair care by handcrafting exceptional products from Mother Nature's natural and organic ingredients using the traditional Ayurvedic methodology.

Our VISION is to be most influential natural and organic men's beard, skin and hair care company in the World!

At Hairy Man Care, we set and expect a new standard of quality and control. We know you’re putting our products on your hair, skin and face; therefore, we have removed any potentially harmful ingredients to leave you with pure natural bliss. 

A man’s appearance is everything, Hairy Man Care helps you stay clean, fresh, and most importantly, looking good!

-Invest in yourself with Hairy Man Care-