About Us

 Welcome to Hairy Man Care!


Are you looking to keep your beard, hair and skin looking healthy? Here at Hairy Man Care, we are not just another beard Company, we are a family who cares not only about your beard, but also about your hair and skin.

We understand how important the right products are, which is why we offer our customers a wide array of options.

Since 2019, we have been dedicated to creating natural products that are not harmful to your skin or full of chemicals. Our natural, organic and handcrafted range is designed to promote healthy beard, skin, and hair through traditional methods, ensuring you can always look your best.

The Hairy Man Care range

We know that when you look good, you feel good, hence why we have created an innovative range of products designed to keep your beard, hair and skin in the absolute best condition possible. Our range includes:

Beard balms, butters, and moustache waxes

Suffering from a dry or brittle beard? Our wide range of beard balms, butters and moustache waxes have been specifically designed to help you soften and moisturize your beard and surrounding skin. These completely organic materials will be absorbed by your beard, leading you to a fuller and healthy appearance.

Beard growth kit

Noticing your beard is growing in patches? Not getting that full mane you desire? Our beard growth kits have been designed using some of our very own native ingredients to work in harmony with your body’s natural chemistry, helping to accelerate growth and fight off dry skin and dandruff.

Beard oils, shampoo, and conditioners

We know how much of a challenge it can be to maintain that luscious and full beard. That is why we have created our range of beard oils, shampoos, and conditioners are here to help you enjoy a thick and healthy mane. This range will help you keep your beard fully moisturized and looking its very best with ease.

Men’s hair products

Think Hairy Man Care is just about making your beard look great? Think again! We stock a full range of men’s hair products, including hair wax and grooming kits, ensuring that you are always able to look your very best.

Skincare for men

Of course, no modern man is complete without fresh and healthy skin. Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin with our wide range of natural and completely organic men’s skincare products. We do not believe in adding chemicals or toxins that might provide a short-term gain, but instead using ingredients from Mother Nature that can create long-lasting changes in your skin and beard health.

Want to find out more?

Are you looking to improve your beard? Want to ensure you are always looking your very best? We know that it can be tough to keep your beard and skin looking and feeling great, which is why our innovative range of products are designed to take that stress away and ensure you can enjoy healthy and luscious beard growth with ease.

Our MISSION is to provide solution for beard, skin and hair care by handcrafting exceptional products from Mother Nature's natural and organic ingredients using the traditional Ayurvedic methodology.

Our VISION is to be most influential natural and organic men's beard, skin and hair care company in the World!

A man’s appearance is everything, Hairy Man Care helps you stay clean, fresh, and most importantly, looking good!

-Invest in yourself with Hairy Man Care-