Sea Salt Spray

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Hairy Man Care's latest innovation, the all natural Sea Salt Spray "Salty".

Handcrafted using natural ingredients, this product will definitely give you that beachy wavy look. 

The Sea Salt Spray adds texture, volume and body to the hair.


Spray required amount to damp hair and gently massage into hair, scrunching often.

Can be used a pre-styling or styling product. If you are planning on using the product as a pre-styling product, then don't forget to use Hairy Man Care's Hair Pomade or Hair Clay to style your hair the way you like it!


Distilled Water.

Sea Salt is beneficial because it adds texture.

Virgin Coconut Oil is incredibly moisturizing. The virgin coconut oil also helps the sea salt spray to coat your hair and stick to it well.

Aloe Vera Gel works wonders on hair. It is another moisturizing ingredient, and it has also been known to promote hair growth, hold curl, and decrease dandruff build-up. It’s definitely good stuff to add to a hair treatment.

Blend of pure Essential Oils.